Custom Design

How it works:

1) Vision

 If you don’t already have an idea in mind, it’s best to look around. Check websites, catalogs and even go in person to stores to find some styles that you like. Take pictures and notes if you can. Get a feel for what you are naturally drawn to.

2) Collaboration

Bring all your ideas and references with you when you go to meet with your design associate. If you're hoping to incorporate stones or gold from existing pieces, be sure to bring that too. Now, if your designing an item for someone else consider the following : ring size, color of metal, any metal allergies(?). 

3) Drawing Board

Our design team builds a 3D model of your very own custom piece. We can modify and tweak it as many times as you need until you are satisfied. Once you give the go ahead we being the process of making the item.

4) Timeline

Once you are satisficed with the 3D rendering, we require 50% down payment and then we start on physically bringing your piece to life! This process takes roughly 6-8 weeks. Keep that in mind if you are hoping to have it for a specific date.

5) After Care

Every custom design piece comes with warranty. Just be sure to stop in for a regular complimentary cleaning and inspection every 6 months to a year.




 Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use your gold?

Yes, however this is not recommended unless the gold itself is sentimental. If you would like, we can give you credit for your scrap gold and use it towards the new piece.

Can we use your stones?

Yes. We can easily incorporate your stones into the new piece so long as they are large or loose and in good condition. If the stones are very small and set in an item, it usually cost more than its worth in labor to remove them. 

 How much does it cost?

There is no general cost that can be given, as custom design can range dramatically depending on the item being created, and materials being used/supplied. The only way to get an estimate, is to come in with a general idea of what you're wanting and speak with one of our team. We always do our best to stay with in your budget.