Local Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Local Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome to our Local Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! This curated collection is your exclusive ticket to discovering gifts with that special local touch. Each featured item has its roots in Fort Saskatchewan, bringing a unique story and genuine warmth to your Valentine's Day celebrations. This year, go beyond expressing love to your special someone; extend it to our local businesses and talented individuals right here in Fort Saskatchewan. Join us in celebrating love and community spirit as we explore some fantastic options for heartfelt gifts in our town!

 Sweet K&A Bakery 

Craving some comfort? This corner cafe in downtown Fort Saskatchewan is the spot for some of the best baked goods this Valentine's Day. Their incredible cheesecake, freshly baked cinnamon rolls, or other treats will surely hit the spot. They even source their tea and coffee from independent producers in the Edmonton region!

Last year, they had a fantastic 4-inch Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake special. They will announce this year’s special pretty soon. So keep an eye out for it.

Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild: Handcrafted Artistry

The Pottery Guild has unique pottery items like vases, mugs, and cool bowls that make great gifts for people who love art. It’s all run by volunteers, and they have classes for adults, whether you’re a beginner or a pro at pottery. Dive into the world of pottery with the Pottery Guild's 12-week classes, running on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Whether day, evening, or night, craft your masterpiece for $145!

Daisy A Day Florist: Blooms and Beyond

Everyone appreciates a nice bouquet of flowers, and Daisy-A-Day has been the perfect spot to get the best quality flowers for the last 30 years. They offer a wide variety of lush greenery, from artificial flowers to home décor to hand-poured, locally-made candles—they always have something that will suit your needs! This store has a special section for love and romance and has an extensive selection, from romantic roses to modern masterpieces. Check out their best-seller ALWAYS ON MY MIND - LONG STEMMED RED ROSES! Or their Valentine’s Day special gift boxes that include hand lotions, teddy bears, chocolates, beauty products, and more!

Caught in the Cookie Jar

Finishing up shopping or picking up a gift at the last minute—Caught in the Cookie Jar will always be a safe bet. This family-owned and operated bakery is a fantastic choice for brownies, tarts, edible cookie dough, cake parfaits, and other treats for someone with a sweet tooth. Last year, they had a  special called Love Bugs available for Valentine’s Day. A dozen cookies are wrapped up in this adorable VW big box for $28.00. Keep your eyes out for any new specials they announce.

Gift Certificates: The Perfect Surprise

Think about surprising your special someone with a Valentine's Day gift card. This meaningful gesture goes beyond a mere token; it symbolizes a commitment to shared experiences and individual preferences. By gifting a card, you're expressing, 'Our love is an adventure, and every decision you make is a journey we take together.' Whether it results in an intimate dinner, a pampering treat, or a nature retreat, a gift card is a versatile and romantic way to convey your love, allowing them the freedom to choose the perfect experience.

Original Joe’s 

Great conversation and great food are the perfect combination for making your day special.

Lustry Nails and Spa

Perfect for unwinding and feeling pampered. It is a fantastic team of professionals who understand that you need that special treatment. Treat your special someone to a spa day with their gift cards. They also have an ongoing special on any combo nail, and Petty will get $20 off any design on nails and toes. The best part is that they never expire!

Elk Island Retreat

Escape into nature, walk the nature trails, and explore the natural beauty that surrounds you. Give your loved one a chance to retreat back to nature. Buy them an Elk Island Retreat gift card.

Legacy Jewellers: Timeless Tokens of Love

Highlighting the grand finale, if you truly aim to impress your partner this Valentine's Day, Legacy Jewellers in downtown Fort Saskatchewan is poised to present the ideal expression of your affection. Picture the delight in their eyes as they encounter a stunning engagement ring, a finely crafted wedding band, or a piece of sparkling diamond or gemstone jewelry that eloquently conveys your love. Additionally, for those who appreciate a blend of sophistication and functionality, our stylish watches are certain to enthrall. Beyond the enchantment of our collection, we take pride in providing expert repair and maintenance services through our skilled goldsmith. This ensures that your gift transcends a momentary gesture, becoming a lasting symbol of your connection. Step into Legacy Jewellers this Valentine's Day and engrave your love into the tapestry of time, crafting a legacy that gleams as brilliantly as our exclusive collection

And don’t miss out on our special Valentine's Day offers!




In wrapping up our Local Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Fort Saskatchewan invites you to explore a variety of heartfelt options. Begin with the cozy ambiance of Sweet K&A Bakery, offering delectable treats like cheesecakes and cinnamon rolls. For hands-on creativity, join the Pottery Guild's 12-week classes, crafting your masterpiece for $145 during flexible Monday to Wednesday sessions.

Indulge in timeless romance at Daisy A Day Florist, a local haven for lush bouquets and decorative candles. When time is of the essence, Caught in the Cookie Jar promises delightful last-minute sweet treats.

Express your commitment to shared experiences with a versatile and romantic Gift Certificate, granting your loved one the freedom to choose. Finish your journey at Legacy Jewellers, where timeless tokens of love, from engagement rings to stylish watches, come with repair and maintenance services.

Let Fort Saskatchewan's heart guide your choices this Valentine's Day, celebrating our unique community spirit.

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